Selections of the Soul

Into that soft and silent shadow
Which illuminates instead of shades
Shall I seek to step inside
Into that silhouette of stilled storms.

Silence stills the soul of self
As some elusive sphere sustains me,
While echoes to sequels of insanities
Surrounds the spiritual life within.

Scorning steps of the past stampeding through the spheres of stillness
Come soaring through this soul of mine,
Relentless to succeed in scoring–
Stating my soul to it should stake.

Silent still I select one shadow–
That which shades or that which shines.
In one I shall stumble with shouts from the past;
In the other, remain sustained and anew at last.

My soul shall select as time spurns on.
Such choice is mine alone,
Sprees of indulgence from shadow to shadow come to an end.
The soul selects to which service surrender.

(an original work by T.M.M.)

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