Yeah, I fell in love with a guy from the internet…

Yep, I sure did. I did that. Uh-huh… that was me. His name is Steve, and he lives in Wisconsin. We met a year ago on Love Happens. He is the light of my life, second only to my son. He makes me laugh, smile, dream bigger, and want more. He has my heart, and half my soul. He has the half that I’ve been missing for so long…. and didn’t know was gone until he came into my life, and the void was filled.  He is so much more than anything I could have dreamt of, because even in my dreams, no such person would have ever existed.  He is good, and kind, sexy and funny, sweet and a lil’ rough around the edges. He can get physical (in a good way), and has this amazing amount of energy I’d give anything to harness just a smidgen of. Then again…. his energy seems to wear off on me whenever I am in his presence, in any way.  To me, he is my Apollo…. a beautiful angel, and my Great North Woodsman….


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