Adventures in Plumbing

My friend, Amanda, calls me and says “Can you come over and take a look at the leak under mom’s bathtub? We need a professional opinion because Bill (her brother) says we need to take the entire bathtub out!”


So off I go… and here’s what I found…


See the upper drain hole in the tub?




That would be the hole where, for about 15 years, Amanda’s mother has been shoving wash clothes and pot scrubbers, in an attempt to keep out frogs and snakes. This resulted in a rotten floor and the pipe being pushed back at a 45 degree angle, and subsequently causing the lower pipes to separate. Of course, there was no need to remove the entire bathtub for this job. Amanda’s brother is just an idiot.

Instead, I decided to go in through the kitchen. Yep, cleared out the cabinet, cut out the shelving where I needed to, and because they were tongue-in-groove, solid cedar, and put in with 16 penny nails, I opted for “ease of removal” by using my floor jack to lift the shelving straight pout of the braces. Worked quite well too.


This is inside the kitchen cabinet…



And this is her mother’s handy-work……


After removing the mess…



Amanda… checkin things out….


A view from under the house… (just lovely)


Anyhow….. I did get it repaired and all back together… bathtub still intact….

I have to say though, that crawling under houses is SO not my thing…..



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