Statistics about sex

These figures are circulating on the internet and on usenets. I can’t vouch for their scientific approach and method. I don’t even know who conducted this survey and when. This survey doesn’t address the diseases or hurt caused from promiscuous sex. Nevertheless, the figures are worth sharing.

* 70% of women who smoke have had more than 4 lovers in the last year while 60% of female non-smokers had none.

* Women who respond to sex surveys in magazines like Cosmo may have 5 times as many lovers as typical women.

* Women who read romance novels have sex twice as often as those who don’t.

* Women with a Ph.D. are twice as likely to be turned on by the thought of anonymous sex as women who never got a bachelor’s degree.

* Women who went to college are more likely to enjoy oral sex (giving and receiving) than high school dropouts.

* National birthrates rise and fall with the height of heels.

* In a bar or nightclub, the hemlines and necklines of unaccompanied women rise and fall (respectively) during ovulation.

* Women who have a positive attitude towards sex tend to be less achievement oriented.

* White teenage girls who live with single mothers are 60% more likely to have sex before the age of 18 than those who live with both parents. The percentage is much lower for black girls.

* Women who lost their virginity before their 18th birthday are likely to be twice as sexually active as women who don’t.

* Women who have spent a night in jail are almost 50% more likely to have had more than 10 lovers in the past year than women with no criminal record.

* Australian women are more likely to have sex on the first date.

* Latino women have sex more often than either Blacks or Whites, who get down at roughly the same rate.

* Black women are 50% more likely than White women to come every time they have sex.

* 20% of women who live with their boyfriends have more than one sex partner.


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