A Strange Animal: An Essay On Love

My love wrote this for me, and I found it so beautiful, I want to share it.

From Idaho~

Hi baby,
Wrote something today, hope you like it. I just felt inspired…Truth is you inspire me.

A strange animal

Life can be a strange animal. People don’t generally realize that contrary to the illusion of control most of us strive to maintain, we have little control over our destiny; our end result is something that none of us can fix. Sure, we can struggle with the invisible forces that exist, and some people actually think they are in control; I suspect that illusion is a comfort mechanism granted by powers way beyond human understanding. Without this internal illusion of control I believe the intellect would crumble and surely destroy us by way of insanity. It should be realized that all things are subjective and open to interpretation and this expressed opinion is what I have come to believe as a truth after experiencing life for only four and a half decades. Greater understanding may be waiting for me just around the corner.

It is my understanding that these powers (as I call them) do reason with and seeks to communicate with the human condition. The manifestation of this interaction takes many forms and detection is purely a personal event uniquely individual to the person that makes contact; this is because the human condition is geared in such a way that we all see what it is that we want to see, and no two people experience an object or event exactly the same way. It can be an extremely difficult task to convince someone that what they know to be true isn’t true at all, and dealing with such a paradoxical power can harvest great rewards as well as great tragedy.

I have found that in my short and sometimes trying life history, and through no doing of my own, an intense absorbing, a very recognizable interplay with this power (as I call it) has been impossible for me to escape. It has allowed me and denied me many things in my life; but truthfully stated I have always received much more than I have ever been denied. The sense of protection from life’s indifference is deeply rooted inside me on all levels and completely undeniable within my heart; I belong to this power and it has my best interest somewhere in the forefront of all that it does. I need not understand this event to know that it is true, and if I am wrong then I have lost nothing in my belief, but only gained greater understanding if and when proof is made clear to me.

After all that I have experienced in life’s greatest gifts; I stand at a doorway and it has been given to me, this power to keep and recognize as my own. With it a final resting place of contentment, of peace, with tranquility of body and mind. A place that I have never been yet has always been inside of me. This flower that unfolds to its greatest bloom has found after all things, love. It has been given to me from within you, a perfect gift to lift my soul. Through you I have finally seen all that I can ever be, a gift of love. This gift is yours to keep. I love you Twila.

**I love you too, Idaho!**


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