About the Author

It’s easier to confide in strangers. I’ve heard it, I’ve said it, and I believe it.

I’m a coffee junkie, and a music maven. I have a naturally happy spirit, and I tend to smile and laugh more than most people do, but it’s infectious, and I’ll make you do the same!

I’m told I am more honest, direct, and stubborn than most people, but a person will always know what I stand for.

I enjoy learning about new things. I’m very curious about just about anything. I love reading, seeing, and exploring new things. My inquisitive spirit has given me a vast wealth of totally useless information.

My teenage son in “my one great thing”.

I love live hockey games.

I prefer comfort to fashion.

I’d rather be camping right now.

Here I confide and confess everything and anything to you. Some of my ramblings, opinions, tech tips, memories, discoveries, ponderables, quotes, theories, rants, thoughts, quips, ideas, comments, dreams, poetry, meditations, or just a bunch of nonsense about nothing at all.

10 Responses to About the Author

  1. steve says:

    Steve would rather have you with him right now, and can’t wait till ya are again, it was Grrreat to meet you, and you are even more Beautiful in person,your everything and more to me, I Love You Darlin`

  2. Emad says:

    Would like to get to know you, as the author of this page. Please contact me, or leave me a message. Thank you.

    Have a wonderful new year.

  3. Inertial Voom says:

    Well, I hope you rope your cowboy.

    When you left everything went down hill. I waled the dog and dropped my brand new camera and then had to beat myself up for it. Wife home soon so she can yell at me so I can feel better.

    Anyway, if you need a good joke count on me, or just need a friend to talk too.

    Must do some kind of pennace for my mistakes today, hmm maybe work on the bathroom. Wow just talking to you helps.

    Have fun, oh do they actually have cows in Arkansas. I thought they raised goats in the mountains. I know you have a Port but I have not figured out how that works. Oh have you been to Toad Suck, and have you ridden the Toad Suck ferry? Inquiring minds want to know.

    Bye and good website, I need to set one up, before I retire which is not too far off.

  4. bobtiff says:

    Golf does not come from “Gentlemen Only–Ladies Forbidden”

  5. Chuck Giddings says:

    I can be a complex man, but prefer the simplicities in life. I’ve lived long enough to understand life, and most types of people. I can read between the lines on most anything, and I’ll have to admit that there are some things I’ll never understand in this life; I’m sure in the grand scheme of things it was intended to be that way.

    Love, I have decided is the one thing I want and need more than all other things…It has eluded me in it’s purest form. It continues to making the short decades of my life seem longer than they need to be. Love has crushed my faith in it as it stands before me laughing with mockery. Yet, this is what I crave to the deepest parts of my being. Against all rational judgment I long to have it.

    But, responsibility has a way of pushing progression to it’s natural outcome and life moves on no matter how hard or mundane. Love remains to me an unlit candle in the wind.

    And then one day a surprise. Twila!

    A whirl wind of beauty blows into my life and saturates my heart and mind. Her smile, kindness, humor, and positive nature lift me to a place I have not seen. Her thoughtful nature and soulful eyes melt a frozen spot within my heart that has longed to be set free. The flame of love is lit. Suddenly, I feel it deep within me and gain faith that this can be all that I seek. Is it just a dream, a cruel twist of fate? Will she keep my candle lit? Can she, will she ever truly love a man like me? My faith restored, that she is all the light I need in this cold world. She is a whirl wind like no other, A beautiful wind that can keep the candle lit instead of blowing it out.

  6. T.M.M. says:

    My Dearest Chuck,

    You reached out to me and set my soul aflame. You envelope me in warmth, and love, and with you I feel secure. You make me think, and laugh, and feel like I can reach the stars and hold them in my hand. You have given me wings to fly, yet I could never go far from you. I hope to keep the candle lit…the flame….eternal.

  7. Andrew Joseph says:

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  8. Anonymous says:

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