The Tech Teen

July 14, 2007

At The Tech Teen, they have young adults from ages 15-19 speaking their minds about what products work, and what don’t. New products ranging from cell phones to laptops will be reviewed. Here, other teens can come to find out what they really should be saving up for. Here, parents can find out what their son or daughter would really like.

My 16 year old son turned me on to this kid, then I ran into him on Pownce. Don’t let his age fool you into thinking he’s less than he his. He’s brilliant, tuned in, and turned on to what makes other “tech teens” tick. Give him a chance. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Meet Truman, The Tech Teen

Founder and Lead Reviewer at TTT, Truman is 15 years old and is going into his junior year of Highschool. Some of his hobbies include Computers, Digg, Technology in general, Rock Climbing, and more | digg story

Me, My Car, and Murphy’s Law

December 10, 2006

Me And Murphy’s Law Current mood: indescribable

Old Man Murphy and his freakin’ Laws. Gotta love ’em, aye? Have I mentioned that my personal sanity is almost threadbare at this point?

So, I’m in Oklahoma where I have just picked up the car my grandfather gave me. It’s a great ride for a 94 Probe. Sunroof, automatic everything, electric seats, gray leather interior, cruise control, perfect alignment, and wheels/tires on it that are worth as much as the car. Best of all…. it was a freebie!

Then, coming home from the store with my mom, she makes the comment “yeah, well it’s ok, but you haven’t hit the interstate yet”. To which I reply with a tenative laugh ,”mom, shut the hell up and don’t jinx me”. Mom says with utter sincerity, “old man Murphy doesn’t care if you say it aloud or not”.

Either way, we met Mr. Murphy about 10 minutes later, when he bashed my freakin’ car with his freakin’ law.

Yes, at 60 mph, Mr Murphy decides I don’t really need my car hood, or headlamps.

I’m just drivin’, chattin’, and laughin’ with mom when WHAM !!! We hear a clattering sound, the hood flies up, disengages, goes soaring over the top of the car (missing the windshield and back glass, thank God) and SMACKS into my trunk before sailing like a frisbee into the adjacent lane in front of oncoming traffic.

Yes, it’s just another day in my life.

I whip the car around and go after the hood. I pull up in front of it, stare it down like something that should be slaughtered, and get out of the car.
My mother… she’s speechless…bless her heart…
I walk up to the perfectly unmarked hood, stare it down for a moment longer, pick it up , and walk back to check out the car-nage. (Get it!? Carnage!? LMAO!) ((Shut up. It was funny to me.))

I can’t help myself, standing there, holding the hood, looking at the opening where my v-6 is proudly(?) displaying itself. I start smiling. Then the giggles kick in. It is only when my mom gets out of the car and hold the door open saying “honey, quick, stick it in the back seat!”, that I totally lose my composure, and erupt into eye-watering, side-splitting laughter. A few cars slowly manuveured around us, but I’m fairly certain they were afraid to stop, fearing that I must have lost my mind somewhere. I can’t stop laughing! It was just the funniest thing in the world to me. My mom is starting to look at me in a most concerned fashion, and takes a step back from me, which makes me literally double over and HOWLLLLLLLLLL with laughter.

This one truck finally stops and two guys ask if they can help… my mom is looking from them to me, like “OMG HELP HER”…… and all I can do is laugh and laugh and laugh!!!! My mom asks them to put the hood in thier truck and plz follow us home. I guess it was adrenilin cause that hood felt like a feather to me, but it kinda seemed to be given that one guy a hard time.

We did finally make it home and figured out the hood had never actually been fastened to the car. It was simply “resting” there, and had been held in place by the thick sheet of ice that had weighed it down and had also been attached to the wiper blades. No latch, no hinges, no nothing. Just a hood with some ice that decided to melt.

I love my life…..every day is an adventure….

Tomorrow begins my adventure in car hood replacement…..

Death, Children, Parents, Suicide, and My “I Love You’s….”.

December 4, 2006

I went to the “family viewing” for my friends baby recently. We have been freinds for 35 years. We were babies together ourselves. It was so hard…. at times I had to remind myself to “breathe, in and out, just breathe”. They were actually holding her, and passing her around as though she were sleeping. I just wanted to run away from all of it. I remember wishing the funeral were already over. The funeral itself was even harder for me to take. Every time I close my eyes, I still think of that beautiful baby girl lying in her mother’s arms, and I still have to remind my self to “breathe….”.

It’s often said that our parents care for us in infancy, and in return we care for them when they are old. I already did that too. I quit work and college, and spent 4 years carrying for my dying parents, changing diapers, hand feeding my mom, and feeding my dad through a tube. I was only 20 when dad dies, 21 when my mom let go. I’ve had enough death now. A heart can only take so much loss, and mine has about reached its limit. I guess that’s partly why I live as I do though… always making sure to tell my family and friends that I love them, every time I see them, or even talk on the phone. I’ve often been told “You just love everybody”. I think I just make a bigger effort to let them know. And maybe i do “just love everybody… so what?… at least those people know that someone loves them, and what if I were the only one who ever said it aloud? My biggest thing is know that the last time i saw someone, could really be the LAST time… and I want to know I said it. I want to know that the last thing they heard from me was “I love you”, that I said it, and won’t have to regret the fact that I didn’t. My father shot himself in the head while I was in the next room. I didn’t say I love you… I don’t even remember what he had said to me. i just remember looking back from the door of our den and saying “ok”. Five minutes later my father was dead, and the last thing I said to him was “OK”….I can’t help but wonder all the “what if’s”… but especially ‘what if I’d said “I Love you””…. would he have had second thoughts…. would it have changed his mind? So yes, I say it more than most, but I would never, ever, say it to someone unless I truly meant it. Some people think it’s trivial… I think it’s one of the most important things a person can say.

Sometimes, it means the world….